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Grandfather reading to grandchildMany adoptions begin with a selfless act by a birth mother or by birth parents and adoptive parents, grandparents, and stepparents. There are also numerous other situations in which a person may wish to adopt a child. Those who wish to begin a new phase in their life by adding a child to their family or adopting a child who is already a member of their family must meet certain criteria and follow certain procedures to meet the goal of adopting a child. Our Dayton adoption attorneys have over forty years of combined experience and strive to provide a high level of service. We will handle your case with respect and sensitivity of your needs.

Boucher and Kolber Co., L.P.A. offers the following adoption services:

  • Private adoptions
  • Grandparent adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Foster parent adoptions

We look forward to helping you with this new stage of your life. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

Dayton lawyers handling grandparent adoptions throughout southwest Ohio

There are times when a grandparent may need to adopt their grandchildren in order to ensure the child’s well-being. Fortunately, Ohio provides more flexibility than many other states when a child’s parents are not living up to their responsibilities. With that said, those who wish to begin this new phase in their family life must meet certain criteria and follow certain procedures. Failing to properly follow these rules can result in a delay of your case which, in turn, can prevent the grandparent from being able to focus on the most important thing – the child. Our Dayton grandparent adoption attorneys have over forty years of combined experience and also strive to provide a high level of service. We look forward to helping you with this new stage of your life. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

For grandparents who wish to formally adopt their grandchild, the process begins by filing a Petition with the local Probate Court to terminate the legal parent’s rights. The Petition will be served on the child’s parents and a hearing will be scheduled. If there is no objection to the Petition, then the adoption will be granted, and the Court will sign an Order. If the parent objects to the Petition, the matter will be litigated. Many cases also include situations in which the soon to be former parents have already had their rights terminated. While these processes may seem straightforward, any errors in their handling can result in a delay to your case. Retaining an experienced attorney can help you to ensure that things are handled properly.

Our Dayton adoption lawyers assist grandparents who wish to begin a new stage for their family. At your initial consultation, we will help you understand whether you are eligible to complete the process and if the matter can be completed with an agreement from the parent who is surrendering their rights. We will quickly file your Petition with the Court and will do everything in our power to assist you with the background checking process. Our firm will ensure that you are prepared for the hearing. This is a joyous time in your life, and we look forward to assisting you. Contact us today.

Dayton attorneys staying in regular communication with Ohio residents during the adoption process

We understand that you wish to focus on your family and not on dealing with the legal system. We also understand that you need to be kept up to date as to the status of your adoption case. This is why our lawyers make client communication a priority. We will ensure that your questions are answered and that you know what to expect as the process moves forward. Our firm has been serving the Dayton area for decades and we take our commitments seriously.

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