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Parents at table with childFrom the moment you have a new child, you know that you need to provide them with the best possible upbringing. However, sometimes parents have different ideas on what they believe the best possible upbringing may be. These different ideas can range from a minor disagreement all the way to placing the child in danger. It might become necessary to file for custody when it appears that the other parent is not acting in the best interests of the child. It is crucial that you retain an experienced attorney to help you when such situations arise. Our Dayton child custody lawyers are ready to assist parents in southwest Ohio with such issues. We focus on the law so that you can focus on your child. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Dayton family law lawyers handling child custody cases on behalf of southwest Ohio parents

There are two aspects to child custody. The first is legal custody, which refers to the ability of a parent to make decisions which impact the child. Such decisions may involve the ability to consent to medical care or the ability to sign documents related to schooling. The second aspect is physical custody, which refers to the amount of time the child will spend with each parent. Judges will often award shared or “joint” custody, in which both parents share legal custody of the child. Such an arrangement is often referred to as “shared parenting” in Ohio. When deciding whether or not joint custody/shared parenting should be awarded, the Court’s sole concern will be for the best interests of the child. When deciding what is in a child’s best interests, the Court will not show a gender-based preference between parents.

The Court will base its custody decision on many different factors. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Which parent the child desires to live with (depending on the child’s age and maturity)
  • The nature of the relationship which the child has with his or her parents
  • The mental and physical health of each parent
  • The extent to which a parent will foster a relationship between their counterpart and the child
  • If either parent has failed or violated any court-ordered custody arrangement
  • The need to maintain a relationship between the child and any siblings which he or she may have

When the Court is considering these factors, the Judge will look to objective facts to determine what is in the child’s interests. As such, little credence will be given to unsupported claims that the other side is a “bad” parent. It is strongly suggested that you retain an experienced attorney to help you present the facts of your case to the Court.

The first step in filing for child custody is to file a Complaint with the Court. After filing the Complaint, a parent may also file a Motion requesting that the Court issue temporary orders regarding custody, visitation, and child support. The issuance of a temporary order will give the parties a set structure to follow while the case moves forward. Each parent will then conduct discovery, the process by which information is gained from the other side, in order to build their case. If a resolution is not reached, the matter will proceed to trial. The Court, after the completion of trial, will issue a final order as to all issues. Litigating such issues can be complicated and it is highly suggested that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Our Dayton child custody lawyers have over forty combined years of experience and are ready to help you. We will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your goals and to formulate a plan to meet those goals. We will quickly file your initial Complaint along with any necessary Motions. If your matter involves an emergency, we will ask that the Court hear the Motion on an expedited basis. Our discovery efforts will focus on the other side’s fitness to parent. We may acquire employment records, phone records, emails, financial documents, and other relevant information. If the case does not settle, our firm will ensure that you are prepared for trial and that you know what to expect as the case moves forward. We understand that this is a crucial time in your life. We are here to assist you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Dayton child custody attorneys providing quality service to southwest Ohio parents

If you are concerned about your son or daughter, you already have enough on your mind. The last thing you need is a lawyer who fails to provide quality service. Our attorneys understand the importance of a child custody case. This is why we promptly respond to communications, provide you with copies of all filed documents, and ensure that your questions are answered in a timely manner. We take pride in the level of service we provide to those in the Dayton community and this is our promise in every case we handle.

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