Dayton Attorneys Assisting With The Drafting & Negotiation Of Contracts

Contract and penBusiness is based on relationships and agreements. Such agreements may include someone’s promise to pay you for your services, to provide you with needed services or materials, or some other form of commitment. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and sometimes people fail to keep their word. By having an enforceable contract in place, you can help to ensure that your rights are protected against those who do not honor prior agreements. Our Dayton attorneys have been assisting local businesses for decades and we have extensive experience in handling such matters. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer.

Dayton lawyers assisting southwest Ohio companies with contract related matters

A contract is an agreement between multiple parties. Such an agreement can be in regard to the transfer of property, the payment of money, or the provision of services. When one end of the agreement fails to live up to their commitments, then it is possible for the aggrieved parties to file a lawsuit. The remedies for breach of contract can include financial compensation, potentially the losses one may have suffered as a result, and more. How any case will proceed is always going to depend on the specifics of a situation.

The first step in the negotiation of an agreement is to clearly define the goals of yourself or your organization. It is then necessary to negotiate an agreement, with all those involved, that will help you to meet those goals. This includes building in protections that will apply in the event that another party breaches the agreement. Such protections can include clearly stated deadlines, provisions for liquidated damages, a requirement that the breaching party pay all legal fees, and more. It is also crucial to clearly define what types of acts will constitute a “breach” and to ensure that all terms of the agreement are clearly defined. If items are not clearly spelled out, in unambiguous terms, then disputes can arise as to the meaning of the agreement.

Our Dayton lawyers have over forty years of combined experience and will use this background to help you move your situation forward. They will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your goals and to help you consider issues which you may not have thought of. We will engage in negotiations with all interested parties and reduce any agreement to writing. We will keep a copy of the executed document in our files and will make sure that your rights remain protected. We focus on these types of issues so that you may focus on things other than the law. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.

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Dayton attorneys assisting with matters involving the breach of a contract

Everyone would always honor the terms of a contract in a perfect world. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect. If a party breaches a contract, it is vital that you take immediate action to protect your interests. It may be necessary to gain an injunction or to file some other type of action. Our lawyers are experienced in litigation and will assist with such issues. We are honored to serve the Dayton area and we take our commitments seriously. Contact our attorneys for assistance.